Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Skin You Live In

I have a new part time job - I know you are all surprised!!

I am working as a Guest Artist for South Shore Arts in their
every kid program - a literacy based program to bring arts to the schools.

My current assignment is based on this book.

This is a great children's book about social acceptance and diversity.
It stresses that what is important is inside your skin - no matter
what color it is!

So I visit 2nd grades in NW Indiana and do a project with the children.
Each child makes a self portrait - just like they look in the 2nd grade.
This program is totally funded by McDonald's Corporation
and each child also receives a coupon for a FREE Happy Meal!

Here is a photo taken in a classroom recently
of the class holding up their self portraits.

Wait, there is more!!

When I first picked up this book, I immediately thought of making a quilt!
Surprise!  Surprise!
Here is what I have in progress.

How fun is this??

I will be finishing this quilt soon and donating it as a silent auction item
for an upcoming South Shore Arts Fundraising Black Tie Event!!

I hope it brings in a lot of $$$$!!

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