Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wear RED Shoes!

     Yes, indeed, I do love RED shoes!  It is my signature color and everyone should have at least 1 pair!!

     I always bought any size red shoes my daughters could wear when they were growing up and one of them still wears red shoes to this day!

     The sparkly ones on the lower right are my ballroom dancing practice shoes.  They have taken a lot of abuse but I love them so!

     My favorite red shoes are on the left in the middle on the step.  They are polka dot shoes and they are tattered and torn but still have some tread on them.  I knitted and felted the red slippers down there by the dance shoes.  And of course, every red shoe collection has to include a pair of CROCS.

     My husband was very surprised when I collected all of my red shoes for the photo.  You just never know just what pair you will need!

     So be sure to get yourself a pair of RED shoes if you do not have a pair - and think of me!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Got Yarn? We Do!!

More photos from our trip to StevenBe in Minneapolis!  The hat is from the Winter 2011 Vogue Knitting Magazine.  The neck flap is great for the winter winds - right Phyllis??

Steven is wearing a great cowl.  I think I need one for each cold day in winter!  How many would that be???

Look at Linda with the great shawl.  It is her color!!!

Phyllis is piling up her yarns to purchase in this very fine shopping basket.  It's a good thing yarn is light weight and can compact easily.            

Take a look at the Thrummed Mittens and
 Slippers I made in a class at
The Red Purl in Niles, Michigan - a wee knit shop.  Wool roving is knitted into the lining as you
can see in the slipper that is turned wrong side out.  It's not as hard as you think and what great gifts they will make.  Are YOU on my gift list!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

On the Road Again with MEGABUS!!!

WOW!  How time flies when you are having fun!!

And fun is what we had, as a small knitting group that I am a part of, went on a BIG adventure on the Megabus.

We left Chicago around 1 PM on Monday with Minneapolis as our destination.  We traveled on the main floor and sat around a table for the entire trip.

The bus was full and after several hours on a bus - we all became friends.  I even taught  a small group to play "Smoke" - a crazy card game.  Shannon from Austin, Texas joined us in the game and it was a blast.  It certainly made the 7 plus hour trip fly by!

Check out for your next trip.  

I was the lucky one with a round trip fare of $2.50
and my friends rode the bus for $30.50 round trip.  One scheduled stop in Madison, WI and a rest stop for a 30 minute break and we were back on the road again.  Beats the price of gas and the bus driver was superb!

As you can see, Diana and Phyllis managed to get in some knitting
on the bus.  All of us had several knitting projects along as well as
 all of our Kindles, IPads, IPods and IPhones.

Our destination on Tuesday was StevenBe - the home of the Glitter Knitter, Steven.  The shop is located in South Minneapolis and he had a day planned that we will never forget!  His staff prepared a wonderful lunch in the kitchen that was healthy as well!!  We had tea, coffee and water with a fab ice cream dessert mid afternoon.  Mixed in all day were knitting tips and techniques as well as plenty of time to SHOP!!  And shop we did!  It's a good thing the Megabus was not full on the return trip!  The was a wonderful trunk show of garments from CoCo Knits with Habu yarns from Japan.  This was so amazing because most of the garments are seamless and the yarns are so fine!  Of course, we had to get some of this to try!  Stay tuned to see what we make.  Here is a group shot of us with StevenBe himself.  He is fast becoming the "Rock Star of Knitting".  What a fabulous place with so many unique yarns and ideas to use them.

Here is Steven doing a demonstration on a new technique while Diana and Linda are intently observing. See all of that yarn???  That is only one wall!!  And check out the knitted bikini!!  Stretchy cotton yarn!

So you can see how exciting our day was - from Noon to 8 PM.  It was so fun fun to met and interact with StevenBe's local customers.  More pictures to follow!  Have a great day!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Want to go to New York City!


 Yes, indeed, I would love to go to New York City!

    We lived several years in Buffalo but never made it to the Big Apple.  Maybe some day I can visit Michael Miller Fabrics on 22nd Street!!!

    These quilts are already there and will be going to wholesale market this spring in Salt Lake City.

    "Baby Boxes" features the blue gray combination from the  mini mikes collections.  Really fun and really IN!!  All rows really are straight.  I just pinned it to my wall to photograph.


 This quilt is fun and functional!  The fabrics are the red and aqua combination, also from the mini mikes collections.  "Big Daisy Dot Count" is a great floor quilt for counting - laying objects on the big dots as you go and creating lots of fun with a little one.  Snuggle under it during a nap and count daisies!!

    I quilted all of the quilts shown today on my home sewing machine.  I did a combination of free motion and stitch in the ditch.

    The last quilt shown is from Laura Gunn's spring collection - Magnolia Lane.  It features several colors of the Painted Canvas.  "Celebrate!" is shapes scattered and sewn in place with the needleturn applique technique.

    What fun it would be on your table for a fiesta or over the back of a chair and even just tack it up on a wall.  I just use a small hammer and some straight pins.

    The quilting is something that anyone can do.  To mark the straight lines, I use the blue painters tape.  It stays in place and can be used multiple times.  It does not leave any residue on your quilt.

    So there you go - happy quilting!!  Watch for our next post to tell about our trip on the Megabus from Chicago to Minneapolis.  Several knitters will be visiting StevenBe - the glitter knitter and rock star of knitting!!  Oh boy!  Can't wait!!