Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So I Goofed!

I thought I had listed the link on the previous blog about turning fabric tubes - 
but I did not get it right!

Try the above link and when you get there 
search fabric tube turner!!

Turning Fabric Tubes!


If you have have tried to turn narrow fabric tubes 
you have probably lost your patience in frustration.

I have at least 4 fabric tube turners I have purchased over the years
and I still get frustrated some times.

I found this great post on Michele Madame's blog
and I am giving it a try.
She made her own tube turner!

I have my strips cut and am ready to give it a whirl.

Take a look.

Let me know if you give it a try.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never Not Knitting

It seems that I am never knot knitting on these hot summer days!

And when I get on a roll - I seems to knit several items - similar items!

I have just finished several shawls and even have them blocked!!

This is one is the Oaklet Shawl by Tricksy Knitter and I made it from the
special colors for StevenBe - I purchased on our Megabus trip.
Lovely photo of the back - wonderful year round weight.

A little bit crazy - a lot of fun!!

Love the color - love the yarn - Cascade Yarns Eco + -
and love the swing!!!

Great summer weight - Mermaid Shawl - sugar cane yarn -
very long - lots of drape - a StevenBe pattern.

A long rectangle that can be worn many ways -
Berroco Sundae Yarn
great to wrap up in on a cold winter night!

Another Berroco yarn -
pattern is Saroyan - free on Ravelry
simple lace scarf is tapered and can be worn in many ways.
Great color!!

And the gray swing jacket under all of these projects 
is one of my summer sale finds.
Who knew it would come in so handy 
and work so well with all of these shawls!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dance With Me, I Want to Be Your Partner!

A group from our local dance studio headed out on Sunday to

Willowbrook Ballroom was established in 1921 and folks are still dancing!

This IS my dance partner
and we've been married almost 37 years!!

The music was a live orchestra -

Steve Anthony and his Society Orchestra.

These silhouettes lined the beautiful vintage ballroom 
where the floor was filled with much older couples in their dancing finery.

Our dance instructor, Danielle, joined us for the afternoon.
Cute new haircut, Danielle!

We had chances to dance with some veteran ballroom dancers
and Marty was one of the first ones chosen to dance!

And when Dennis cut in - 

I was the lucky one!  

The afternoon is not complete without a photo of the ladies.

Danielle, myself, Marty, Wendy, Kane and Mary
You go girls!

And here are their feet!

It was a very delightful way to spend a hot August Sunday afternoon
and we look forward to our next trip!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

I headed out early to the Chesterton European Market
and here are a few of the sights!!

The corn has grown unbelievable in the heat this week!
I think there is some truth in sitting back and watching the corn grow!
This photo was taken at the end of our driveway.

Wow - take in all of this color!!
I like the reds,yellows and greens best!

I just had to take a photo of this market shopper.
Love the cowboy boots!

What an inspiration a color variation these wonderful fruits 
and vegetables provide.
Take it all in!

Next stop at Froelich's from Three Oaks, Michigan
to pick up Olive Relish and Martini Pickles.  YUM!

Picking up a fresh pizza for a little snack later
from the Rolling StoneBaker!
Today I chose the special with green beans, eggplant, yellow tomatoes, squash, parmesan cheese and marinara sauce.
A beauty to behold and I am the one who is holding it!!!

I cannot head for home without something sweet in my hot little hands.
So I wander on over to the gourmet cupcake gal and here is what she has!

Banana Split
French Toast Bacon
Red Velvet
Triple Chocolate
Cinnamon Roll
Peanut Butter Chocolate
Lemon Blueberry
and even a Guiness Cupcake!!
6 for $10 ia a deal so I get 6!
I knew Dennis would pick the one with the cherry on top
and the French Toast Bacon (maple icing) was yummy!!

More color to love on my way to the car -
great color range in the pottery
and some neons with black in the Amish made rug
from recycled materials!

I hope you enjoyed the trip!! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome Baby Evelyn!

My husband and I are dance students at Duneland Ballroom in Chesterton, IN 
and recently a couple of the dance instructors had a baby!

So, I had to make her something!!!

This photo is not Evelyn - 
but a baby I found in the basement in my daughter's collection of dolls!

I made the quilt - actually finished a shop sample I had - 
and it is even hand quilted!

My friend, Becky did embroider on the onesie - 
and it does say - Evelyn - though it is hard to see in the photo.
The leg warmies and hat are knitted from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
and were so fun to make!!

I will try to get a real photo of Baby Evelyn for a future post!

Congratulations to the proud parents -
Beth and Aaron!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Burst of Color Inspiration!

Some days - some things just catch your eye!
This bouquet of flowers at my local supermarket sure did.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Favorite Purses!!!

I decided to photograph some of my favorite purses.
They range from true favorites I have purchased
to crazy ones
to ones I have made.


 The first one is a Hobo bag
I found at Marshall's.
I love everything about it -
size, color, lining, layout, handles - you name it!

You knew I had to have a RED purse!

And here it is - my only Kate Spade purse -
from an online sale - 
a trick I learned from my daughter, Alison!

I just had to put this one on for my friend, Phyllis, to see.

It was the deal of the day at a small boutique we were
shopping at - because the zipper is broken.

She has tried many times to buy it from me
because she knows it is too big and heavy for me -
but I get so many compliments when I do carry it!!!

These are my new favorites - the Poochie.
The floral one on the left was my first one and you can just put it in and out
of any purse and you are so organized.  The credit cards are on the outside
so you can whip them out easily.  It holds everything - 
cell phone, reading glasses, checkbook, camera, lip stick - you name it!

The shiny one on the right is the newest version I found just today!

All of the same organized spaces, but the credit cards are on the inside
so you can jut carry it or put it in any purse as well.
Plus it has a removable handle and the rings as well!!
Gotta' have one!

This is my craziest purse of all!

An alligator purse with red shoes!!
There is a zipper in the top so you can slip a few small things inside.
This purse is so fun to carry and a real conversation piece.
Florida Gator fans always want to buy it!!

If you know me, you would know that I must have a pug purse!

This also has a zipper on the top and holds a few things inside.

This was a birthday gift from my daughter,Natalie, one year!

This purse is my latest find - a real steal when we were in Iowa recently.

  I think this will be a great bag for my red dancing shoes!

Enough purses for today!  

More later, gator!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Family Reunion Week-end to Remember!

   The week-end started with a stop at 
B-Bop's in West Des Moines.

    Here is my sister's granddaughter
  getting ready to enjoy a tasty lunch.

Then came a stop at Marshall's.
It's so great that they have locations everywhere!!

I think we may have started Ella in a shopping career.
She had a wedding to attend that night and we got her decked out!

The Strawn Family Reunion was held at Two Saints Winery
in St. Marys, Iowa.  Approximately 170 were in attendance.

Alison and Natalie with Uncle Shorty - my dad's brother.

Wine tasting - YES!!!
Left to right - 
Dennis, Alison, Natalie, Susie, Nancy and Kerri!!

Wine purchase made!!

Alison, Dean, Charles and Charlie

and Phil - there on the right trying to get in the picture!

A view of the vineyards with Andrew and children -
Parker and Paige -
taking a closer look!

It was a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Had a PARTY!!!!

Yes, indeed, we had a attended a great 90th birthday party for

Here we are - pretty in pink!!

Here is a memory quilt I made and presented to my aunt at the party.

It is a quilt based on 4 letter words that reflect on her.
I limited it to 9 words - though I could have used many more!
Plus photos of her on her birthdays.

The fabrics are from a Kaffe Fassett Collection in collaboration with 
Liberty of London Fabrics.

With my cousin, Alice and with my sister, Nola


And fortunately, I was also joined by my husband, Dennis!

What a wonderful occasion to celebrate with 100 family and friends!