Friday, March 1, 2013

A Great Opportunity!!

Last Sunday I had the chance to take part in a program 
at the Union League in Chicago. 

Many of you already know that I am active in a literacy based program in 
NW Indiana based on the book - "The Skin You Live In". 
I have made previous posts about this program.

We presented the program at a USO Family Event for children who have a parent currently serving overseas.  To top things off, the author, Michael Tyler was there as well as the illustrator, David Lee Ciskco.

We were able to take the quilt I had made -  based on the book - 
for them to see.  What a great photo opp!

L to R:  David, Leona, Happy ME, Trish and David!

And the exciting news is that David wants me to make him a quilt, too!
You gotta' love David in those yellow pants and red polka dot socks!
And Michael???  He was super!!

David entertained the children with his drawing talents and of course many children had their books autographed.

Including ME!!!  And this is a drawing of me - in MY book!!

I have to work hard to have fun - most of you know that - and the book signings were just another part of a great day!

David is so busy concentrating!!

And only the memories remain.  I think I will share them when I go out to second grade classrooms next week!

If you do not have copy of the book - get on out and get one!

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