Sunday, July 14, 2013

Girls Just Want to Have FUN!!

I thought I would be blogging about the
Strawn Reunion today but
my husband and I opted not to attend this year.

We have made so many car trips to Iowa and beyond this spring and summer that we decided to stay home.

So it was a perfect SAturday for a girls' day out.

Phyllis came to visit and we went to the


at Bangles in downtown Valparaiso!!

Bags of deals ant tons of fun!!

Lunch at Pick's Tavern topped off a great afternoon.

Then it was a Thelma and Louise kind of evening
when I picked up my friend, Leona.

She broke her knee cap in early May and needed a girls night out!

Dinner and a stop at Brooke's Sizzlin' Summer Dance!!

Girls just want to have fun!!

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