Thursday, January 29, 2015

On Becoming an OKC Foodie

One of my goals for 2015 
is to try a lot of the variety of restaurants in OKC.

A friend tipped me off to make a Food Passport.

 I bought a sweet little moleskin book.

And it even has an "M" on it.

I wrote 
Food Passport
 inside the front cover. 

And personalized it with our name.

I can just carry it in my purse
and check off restaurants as we go.

So each page has the name of two restaurants.
And a small box for a check mark.

Sometimes I list the address 
and type of restaurant.

And then I rate it 1 - 5 stars.

We tried an OKC landmark in the downtown area - 

La Luna Mexican Cafe.

Interesting art, very cold beers and hot salsa!!

So glad we went, as this longtime OKC restaurant in closing at the end of April.

But the good news is, they have a food truck!!

Last Sunday 

we went to brunch at

Cafe Kacao

a Guatemalan Restaurant.

I can never decide whether to order -

sweet or savory.

Dennis always gets savory and most of the options on the menu
were savory.  But could not resist one of the sweet options. 

Loved the food presentation.

Loved the french toast even more!!

Definitely a "go to"  place when the girls visit in February!!

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