Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wear RED Shoes!

     Yes, indeed, I do love RED shoes!  It is my signature color and everyone should have at least 1 pair!!

     I always bought any size red shoes my daughters could wear when they were growing up and one of them still wears red shoes to this day!

     The sparkly ones on the lower right are my ballroom dancing practice shoes.  They have taken a lot of abuse but I love them so!

     My favorite red shoes are on the left in the middle on the step.  They are polka dot shoes and they are tattered and torn but still have some tread on them.  I knitted and felted the red slippers down there by the dance shoes.  And of course, every red shoe collection has to include a pair of CROCS.

     My husband was very surprised when I collected all of my red shoes for the photo.  You just never know just what pair you will need!

     So be sure to get yourself a pair of RED shoes if you do not have a pair - and think of me!


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  1. Ellen, who knew someone could have so many red shoes!