Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Quilt to New York!!

I have been busy over the week-end - sewing a quilt for Michael Miller Fabrics - featuring a new release from Patty Young - Andalucia in Evergreen!

I quilted this one myself
 and want to share just how I did it on my home sewing machine!

First of all I made a design on graph paper for the quilting in the 6" squares.

Then I cut Press 'N Seal into 6" squares.

Lay a square of Press 'N Seal over the design on the graph paper
and walla - trace the design with an ink pen!

Lay the Press 'N Seal over one of the squares on the quilt top
and safety pin the corners down.

Machine sew on the ink pen lines.

And then tear away the Press 'N Seal!

I did some straight line quilting in the rectangular sections.
What fun!

And here is the quilt.......


  1. welllll, *this* is going to be fun! I really like that colorway, too. Thanks!

  2. Love this idea and the quilt, too! Thanks!

  3. Aha! I KNEW there had to be an easier way! I will be trying this as soon as I get the press n seal!! Yippee!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. I just found this on Pinterest and thought it was a brilliant idea. Thanks so much for sharing. The possibilities are endless.

  5. Sorry forgot to ask if this is a quilt as you go method. It's beautiful.

  6. Best idea ever! Thanks for the tip!