Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 88th Birthday, MOM!!!

All of my hard work and crazy ideas 
for my mom's birthday on Saturday
 really paid off!!

See for yourself!!

Fresh flowers from Alison and Natalie!

Several six packs and a pound for lunch from Taco John's.
Why Taco John's you ask?  Not available in the Chicago area.

Goodie Baskets filled with fresh Albanese Gummies!

Figure 8 cookies - pick two for 88!!!

Paper flowers for Grandma Dot made by E, E, D!!
Ella, Ellen & Dennis!
Great work!!

Are you ready for some BINGO??
A super selection of prizes!!

Add it to your resume, Kristen!!

BINGO is a serious game for all ages!!

And the wiener is.........Alison!
A great prize choice to take back to the Hillshire Brands Office.
A hot dog hat and my husband is saying, "Did you spend $$ for that?"

Wow!!  We could not have hoped for a better family photo!!

One more for kicks!!

My sister & I with MOM!!

Grandchildren - Alison, Austin and Natalie with Grandma!!

Ella with Great Grandma Dot!

We could not have had a better day to transition my mom to nursing home care.  What an emotional and heartfelt day.

I am so glad I went the extra crazy mile!!

Love you, MOM!!

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