Monday, May 2, 2011

April Showers Bring May Basket Flowers!!

Yes, indeed, I do have a few flowers blooming in my flower beds!
It seems that Spring has been a long time coming.

I took a friend this great May Basket yesterday.  I can remember making May Baskets as a child - many happy memories.  I found this great basket at Marshall's for a very good price.  It is an Amy Butler Bag with
many pockets for many uses.  I got one for
myself as well and have some of my knitting projects in there.
Red tulips out back by my deck.  Hoping for some warmer weather so I can do some of my work outside.

Here is a sneak peek of one of my recent quilt projects for Free Spirit Fabrics.  The quilt is made from linen designed by Tina Givens - her new line of fabrics for quilt market - Pernilla's Journey.
Watch for a free downloadable pattern from Tina and photos of this quilt on a white horse at her website  I also made the most adorable jacket with the linen for a little girl.  It is from her book "Sew Tina!"  Stay tuned for that one.

Oh dear - we seem to have a lot of these yellow flowers in our yard this spring, too!  
Not a good thing!

Today is my daughter Natalie's 24th birthday.  
We always made May Baskets for her classmates since her special day is so close to May Day.  We even baked chocolate cupcakes in small clay pots one year and poked a fresh flower in them!! 

Quilt Market is May 13-15 in Salt Lake City.  I have very busy fingers these days to finish several projects.  You are going to love them!!

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