Sunday, October 14, 2012

To Free Spirit To Free Spirit

Monday will be a BIG DAY for me at FEDEX!!  HOORAY!!

The following quilts are going to be shipped to Free Spirit Fabrics.

This quilt is made from a new fabric line by Erin McMorris called Moxie.
I machine quilted the white background fabric 
and then hand appliquéd each of the flags.
This is a friendship quilt and signatures can be added around each of the flags.

This bulletin board is an additional item featuring the fabrics.
This fabric line is a good one for "tweens".

Oh boy, look who came to visit!  Webster likes quilts, too!
This quilt features Katharine's Wheel - a new fabric line designed by 
Nel Whatmore.
This quilt is her design also.  Love the reds!!

The border fabric really adds to this quilt.

This last quilt is made from new fabrics designed by Kathy Davis called Pocketful of Poppies.  Kathy is well known for her greeting card lines.  This quilt was designed virtually by someone sitting at a computer and I wasn't too sure about it at first.  But the finished quilt is actually quite striking.
Small butterflies are quilted all over the quilt.

So there down, two more to go for Free Spirit!!

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