Friday, March 11, 2011

Got Knits?

  You heard it here!!  Michael Miller Fabrics has come out with some awesome single knit fabrics in a wide range of bright solids and prints!!!

   I have had the opportunity to make quilts with them - YES QUILTS!!

   Take a look at the 24 baby size quilts I made so each sales person could carry a knit quilt sample!!
The backing fabrics are also knits - as well as the bindings.
   Watch for this twin size knit quilt in a future Fons & Porter Quilt Magazine.  The bigger knit quilt is definitely a challenge - just ask my long arm quilter, Cami!!  Fortunately this quilt has a coordinating flannel for backing.

   Go on an adventure - make your next baby quilt from Michael Miller knits!!

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  1. HI Ellen :) I'm going to enjoy keeping up on your projects!!