Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Trip to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm!

Yes, indeed, fun was had by all who made an adventure trip to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm yesterday.  My sister, Nola and her granddaughter, Ella, rode on the Megabus from DesMoines to Chicago to visit for a few days.

Here is Ella and one of the cows with a newborn in the lobby of the birthing barn.  We did see a live birth and the first time mother had quite a struggle.  It took two birthing technicians to pull the baby calf out.  It was a boy!!

We enjoyed a great bus tour out on one of the working farms and saw 72 cows bring milked at one time on a big milking machine.

30,000 head of cows and a lot of pregnant ones!!  It is definitely a women's world.

We enjoyed a great grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, an ice cream cone and a few cheeses to take home.

 Here is my sister, Nola with Ella, by aged cheddar mountain.

This was really a great adventure.  Mondays if you are over 55 the admission is only $4 instead of $10.  Yes, we both qualified!

On Sunday, we met Alison and Natalie in Chicago and hung out for a few hours together.

A couple of fun photos here - including Alison's dog, Webster.

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