Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hump Day

Every where I go people want to know what my sewing room is like!  So yesterday I cleaned a few things up and shot a few pictures to share!

Wow you say - is this the closet?  Yes, indeed, it is!  This closet features many finished baby quilts and wall hangings on the bottom rack and assorted bags on the top rack.

This is one wall in the sewing room and it shows off my Wear Red Shoes quilt.  Yes, I do love red shoes and this was a block of the month project in the quilt shop I owned for 7 years.  A few fabrics here as well as a very clean desk!  Very special things embellish the walls - including a collage picture made by my daughter Natalie - a Mother's Day gift - featuring photos of me with Alison and Natalie - through the years - with BIG college graduation pictures of each daughter!!  Sorry about the glare.
Look how clean the cutting table is!!!  Fortunately you can't see all of the things under the table very well.  Please note that all of my rulers are organized on a Clip It swinging arm.
This is a better picture of the fantastic quilt above the cutting table.  This quilt is "A Day at Crazy Eighths".  It features all batiks on black and white backgrounds.  Each block is based on words that described a typical day in my quilt shop - including fabric, friendship, fun, bloom, bee charmed, quilt pink, joy, sing, shop and dance!  This quilt is custom quilted by Cami Cress and Louise Moon at All about Quilting and Design.  These words are actually qulted into the borders and many details are stitched throughout the quilt.  It is definitely one  of my prized possessions.

I am sure you are wondering - where is the sewing machine?  There are 2 sides of this sewing room yet to come!!  Hope you are enjoying this fun!!


  1. Very exciting! Great first couple of entries!

  2. Once again you have found a new creative outlet for all that great stuff in your head!... and if your goal is to inspire, you are there!! Can't want to see what follows. See you at the Bow.

  3. OK! I found it! I absolutely agree this is the way you should go. Now we can all enjoy your creativity. Loves