Thursday, May 19, 2011

Knitting Group Tries Something NEW!

 A BIG thanks to BECKY for having our group into her beautiful home this morning!
She instructed us on making a new style of wool felt flower.

Phyllis in plugging the hand sander here.  She is getting ready to sand the silk scarf in front of her that is covered with wisps of wool roving in a contrasting color.  

In the next photo, I am cutting my sanded silk scarf with wool roving - round and round into one long strip about 1"wide.

You can see our flowers in progress in the bottom photo on the right.
Diana and Linda are busy stitching their flowers round and round.

I will include a photo later of my finished flowers - they need a little work yet.
What a fun morning it was!  THANKS BECKY!!

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