Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rainy Day Knitting

      What do you do when it rains and rains and rains - you make a rain coat!!
And that is just what I did and today when I went to knitting - it was raining - so you guessed it - I wore it!  I shot this quick photo of Phyllis trying it on.  Everyone loved it!
It is a burda pattern 7700 and will have one very large button added at the top.
I used the great Rowan laminate - yummy stuff - and it is a Kaffe Fassett design as is the cotton lining.  
I had to revise a little, as the pattern does not call for a lining - but not to worry.
The next one is for my daughter, Natalie.

This is my finished Mermaid Shawl from sugar cane yarn I purchased on our recent trip on the Megabus to StevenBe in Minneapolis.  Oh my gosh - it is wonderful and has such a beautiful drape -
 plus it is finished!!!!!!

 The additional photos are an assortment of knitted scarves we have been working on.
  The multi-colored scarf in the lower right is a great little project from Amy at the Red Purl in Niles, Michigan.  It has little "worms" along the sides that twist and turn.  How fun is that??

 The good news is the squiggly scarves to the left in orange and gray that I recently purchased are probably made much like the little worm one - just bigger and felted.

I am going to work on that project and will see what happens!

Take a closer look!  How would you make these??

Always another idea and another project!

My husband and I are heading to Northern California for the week-end so stay tuned!!

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