Saturday, July 16, 2011

Favorite Purses!!!

I decided to photograph some of my favorite purses.
They range from true favorites I have purchased
to crazy ones
to ones I have made.


 The first one is a Hobo bag
I found at Marshall's.
I love everything about it -
size, color, lining, layout, handles - you name it!

You knew I had to have a RED purse!

And here it is - my only Kate Spade purse -
from an online sale - 
a trick I learned from my daughter, Alison!

I just had to put this one on for my friend, Phyllis, to see.

It was the deal of the day at a small boutique we were
shopping at - because the zipper is broken.

She has tried many times to buy it from me
because she knows it is too big and heavy for me -
but I get so many compliments when I do carry it!!!

These are my new favorites - the Poochie.
The floral one on the left was my first one and you can just put it in and out
of any purse and you are so organized.  The credit cards are on the outside
so you can whip them out easily.  It holds everything - 
cell phone, reading glasses, checkbook, camera, lip stick - you name it!

The shiny one on the right is the newest version I found just today!

All of the same organized spaces, but the credit cards are on the inside
so you can jut carry it or put it in any purse as well.
Plus it has a removable handle and the rings as well!!
Gotta' have one!

This is my craziest purse of all!

An alligator purse with red shoes!!
There is a zipper in the top so you can slip a few small things inside.
This purse is so fun to carry and a real conversation piece.
Florida Gator fans always want to buy it!!

If you know me, you would know that I must have a pug purse!

This also has a zipper on the top and holds a few things inside.

This was a birthday gift from my daughter,Natalie, one year!

This purse is my latest find - a real steal when we were in Iowa recently.

  I think this will be a great bag for my red dancing shoes!

Enough purses for today!  

More later, gator!

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  1. I am pea green with envy over the lipstick kisses purse. Loves