Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grill Baby Grill!!

In today's newspaper, the Parade section had
10 Mistakes YOU Want to Avoid
when grilling.

1.  Failure to launch. 
     Be sure you know how to start your gas grill.

2.  Premature saucing.
     Apply sweet barbecue sauce only on the last few minutes.

3.  Inferno-izing.
     A hot zone for searing, a medium zone for cooking and a fire free safety   

4.  Piling on.
     Leave 25% of the grill empty.

5.  Stabbing brats.
     Turn with tongs.  Do not stab any meats as it releases the wonderful juices.

6.  Slashing and burning.
     No need to cut into a steak to check it's progress.
     Press on it with your finger.  A rare steak will feel soft and squishy.
     medium, semi-firm; well-done, firm and springy.

7.  Overdoing it.
     Go easy on the wood smoke, seasoning and hot sauce.

8.  Boiling ribs.
     Never - only low and slow over low heat with plenty of wood smoke -
      for a long time.

9.  Losing your cool.
     Keep meat, seafood and other perishables on ice.

10.  Repeating yourself.
      Most of us grill the same thing over and over.  Get creative.

Today I am grilling stuffed jalapenos and apple slices!

I sure hope my husband reads this!!

Go grill something!!

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