Monday, July 25, 2011

Dance With Me, I Want to Be Your Partner!

A group from our local dance studio headed out on Sunday to

Willowbrook Ballroom was established in 1921 and folks are still dancing!

This IS my dance partner
and we've been married almost 37 years!!

The music was a live orchestra -

Steve Anthony and his Society Orchestra.

These silhouettes lined the beautiful vintage ballroom 
where the floor was filled with much older couples in their dancing finery.

Our dance instructor, Danielle, joined us for the afternoon.
Cute new haircut, Danielle!

We had chances to dance with some veteran ballroom dancers
and Marty was one of the first ones chosen to dance!

And when Dennis cut in - 

I was the lucky one!  

The afternoon is not complete without a photo of the ladies.

Danielle, myself, Marty, Wendy, Kane and Mary
You go girls!

And here are their feet!

It was a very delightful way to spend a hot August Sunday afternoon
and we look forward to our next trip!!

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