Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chesterton Art Fair

I ventured out this hot humid August day to attend the 
53rd Chesterton Art Fair.

I have not attended for several years and it was, indeed, a real treat - 
as you will see!

A quit design in glass work!  Colors are so intense.

Two different styles of pottery caught my eye.

My kind of girl!

Words will not do this work justice.  Enjoy.



hand painted silk with screen printing
(on my manikin at home!!)

fused glass - great designs for quilts!

 couple of things - just for me!

take me away!

back in Indiana

How true is this??

What's for dinner?

Looks like penny rugs on canvas

words to live buy

Favorite find of the day for me!!
mixed media painting and collage
take time to read it!

Chris Acton Weaving - was weaving on the spot!!

And I aways seem to take a photo of another shopper - 
loved her bag - may try to make one!!

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