Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I went off to the market Saturday with my new market bag
indeed, the one I just knitted!

I tried it out with some fresh peaches and it really did hold up!!

The pattern is on the Purl Bee.

I bought a pound of small cucumbers for pickles
as I recently read 
you can just make a few refrigerator pickles 
instead of canning all day long!

So my friend at the Smitten Kitchen 
provided the encouragement I needed 
and a simple recipe for bread and butter pickles!

And I have 2 jars of pickles, my very first attempt.
They are very tasty, too!

I found these beautiful peppers and mini eggplants.
How cool is that?
The label on the wine bottle is also lovely.

Gotta' love the collection of cherry tomatoes.
Fresh salsa anyone?

I just finished this market bag last night.
It is a free downloadable on ravelry
called Ilene.  I think it is my favorite!!

Give it a try!

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