Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The more you invest in a marriage
the more valuable it becomes.  amy grant

There we were on August 10, 1974.
Today is our 37th wedding anniversary.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.

So take a look at this photo of my Strawn first cousins.

And now let's talk about marriage.

Front row (l to r):  John (*Susie) 30 yrs.  Kent (*Sindy) 35 yrs. 
 Ellen (*Dennis) 37 yrs  Dean (Jane) 28 yrs.  Phil (*Carmen) 46 yrs. 
 Russ (*Joyce) 47 yrs. Dennis (*Marilyn) 40 yrs.  Charles (*Audrey) 53 yrs.
 Tom (*Ilene) 40 yrs.  Galen (*Kris) 32 yrs. 

Back row (l to r):  David (Kathy) Jeff (Jodie) Stacey (Philip)  
Debby (*Dan) 40 yrs. Nola (*Tom) 35 yrs.  Jaqui (Dave) 
 Nancy (*Gary) 46 yrs.  Alice (*Garald) 43 yrs.  
 Pam (*Matt) 31 yrs.  Jerry (*Diane) 33 yrs.

Not pictured:  Sondra (*Brian) 50 yrs. Judy (*Archie) Rich (Sharon)
 Tim (*Debbie) 37 yrs.  Mike (Leliani )

* indicates the same person all these years!

So put your hands together for the 700+ years of marriage amongst the Strawn first cousins!

And remember.....a dress that zips up the back will always bring a husband and wife together!!

(I may have some errors and if so I apologize!)

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