Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sample Quilts for Amy Butler Designs

Recently I have made two sample quilts for Amy Butler Designs.

Amy's fabrics are from Rowan and both of these quilts are soon to be
 FREE downloadable patterns on her website

This quilt is made from Amy's new Soul Blossoms Organic Cotton.
It is called "Window to the Soul".
As you can see, there is a fringe along the edge of the quilt.

There is a very dramatic center in this quilt.

This quilt is made from Soul Blossoms Voile 
and when finished is a very nice light weight quilt.
Please note the flange along the edges.

Amy designs all of the sample quilts and I face the challenge of making them!

It is a great experience 
and I enjoy putting my hands on all of this luscious fabric!

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