Friday, June 3, 2011

Becki Homecki's Favorite Things!

Yes, everyone has favorite things these days to share so I thought - 
Why Not ME???

This is indeed my favorite tee.  
I cannot tell you how many compliments I get when I wear one of them.

Look closely at the wide strap and the gathered tube bodice.
These straps make everyone's arms look good!

These tees are from Necessitees!
FREE shipping with $50 or more purchase
(this is easy!)

And, there is more good news -

hard to believe -

they are available in MANY colors!

they are available in a dress as well
a great length - to the knee!!

Dress it UP
Dress it DOWN
Wear it all around the TOWN!!

Oh, I have not tried the long ruffled skirt in the photo
but it looks great!

Treat yourself!!

Wonderful jackets are also available.

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