Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sewing Space 2

I know it is a long time coming - but I am finally am ready to post 
some photos of my second sewing space in my home.

A little "picking up " was necessary - 
but I think a creative space needs to show you are using it!!

This is in my basement so some of the shots maybe a little dark 
but it is the best I can do.
As you can see I have a little bit of fabric - saving some of my favorites from my quilt shop - as well as a couple of racks.

This home to my Pfaff and I still love it for piecing!!
A fun bright wall to punch things into is a collecting spot.

 Here are a couple of shelves for overflow fabrics.
Yes, it seems, I keep gathering
more fabric from my sample making.
I am proud of how organized my ribbons are above the little door 
that hides things under the steps!

Here is my design wall and is home right now to my basket blocks - 
the final block of the month project at Crazy Eighths.
Stay tuned - I am really hoping to finish it this summer!

This is a very special momento from the shop - 
as it hung center stage very proudly there.
It definitely reflects Crazy Eighths.

I debated whether to show you this photo as it is
quilt tops to be finished - favorites I can't seem to part with.
I have tried to follow a plan to finish one a month but the truth is
I haven't been able to stick to that.
The good news is that each one has a backing fabric tucked in with it.

Need quilts??  Just let me know!!

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