Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fresh Strawberries!!!

Our local strawberries are in 
so I made a trip to our farm market this week 
to buy a few!

I think my favorite way of eating them is right from the bucket  
on the way home!

My husband prefers them just like this - straight from the bowl 
with a little sugar!

A family favorite is a fresh fruit pizza - and I took this to our dance party last week-end!

 A day of making with fresh strawberries must include a batch or two of strawberry jam.

 And this is a childhood memory - taking the largest strawberries and freezing each one on a popsicle stick.  Our family went to a friend's farm so our parents could play cards.  She had a big strawberry patch and always did this.  So I thought, why not me?  This would be great in a chilled glass of sparkling white wine or white sangria.  Or a cool treat on a hot summer day! - or dipped in melted chocolate!!

 Last, but not least, I tried some strawberry sorbet this year.  It is really tasty!
I even had some  in my Trop 50 Lemonade.  Lookout Mc Donalds!!

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