Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving Fun and a New Home for Alison & Webster!

 I know our daughter Alison thinks it was a long time coming but relocating is like that.

Our family should know that when you count the number of times we saw everything loaded on a moving van!

So nice to have Alison close to the family and
we proved our worth on move in day.

Upper left corner is the new place and she and her dog, Webster, will reside on the second floor.

Dennis had many honey do jobs and here he is hard at work putting together the dining room table.

Only the resident can unpack the kitchen, so here is Alison hard at work.

On Sunday we all gathered for a family bar-be-que and it was great to have Natalie join us!

 I brought these individual fruit pizzas.

What fun these would be for a party - when everyone could make their own!!

Just bake the sugar cookies and provide the
cream cheese and fruit toppings.  Yummy!!

And a picture of yarn, you might ask?

The next best news is that Alison's place is within
walking distance of Nina - a very contemporary yarn shop.  I had never been there before but have heard rave revues.

So Natalie and I took a little walk - and she got some yarn  for a project, too.

I have been intrigued with Habu Textiles since our trip to Minneapolis to visit StevenBe.

And lucky for me - Nina carries it.  

And even more exciting, most of it was in the 50% off bin.

In the lower right hand corner you can se that I have started knitting with the linen paper.

I love new challenges!

There is a lonely sock yarn there on the right.  Just had to have it!!

Unfortunately, I do not think Alison will going there 
to take a knitting class with me any time soon!!

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  1. I have been looking back through your posts and have enjoyed seeing the sewing you have done. Some lovely projects. Will be watching to see what comes next. Have a good week.